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Vol. 17  No. 21 Final Edition
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Bass Lake Marina!

California Getaways! [03/18/01]
CLOVIS -- Short motor trips to some of the greatest and most scenic favorites of the staff. Some of these watering holes have appeared in in Sunset Magazine.

California Digital Newseum! [03/18/01]
CLOVIS --The Top 100 Digital Online Newspaper links in Californa this week are...

Information Please! [03/18/01]
CLOVIS -- The ultimate source for free reliable information you have been waiting for...

Clovis Wetlands Conservancy.[03/15/01]
CLOVIS -- The Valley is the world's top-producing agricultural region and it has problems with its water supply, wetlands, and agricultural drainage.

Disappearing Farm Land! [03/13/01]
CLOVIS -- Victor Hanson, a fifth-generation California grape farmer who also teaches at Fresno State warns that the demise of the family farm may spell the end of the American republic as we know it...

Here Comes an e-Village! [03/12/01]
TOLLHOUSE -- Imagine your home being equipped with video on-demand, with technology that gives the entire town the idea of community and connectivity rolled into one.

The Economy You Just Woke Up To! [03/11/01]
CLOVIS -- Where did I put that recession? With my desk all cluttered with positive economic indicators, I can't seem to find that recession I had been looking at. Here and now, the economy seems to be back on its feet, maybe even headed off on a slow jog. The spillover of growth into the Central Valley continues unabated. The revised data show absolutely no slowdown in job growth in recent months in the 4% to 5% range. In Fresno County revisions were positive. Thank you, President Bush!

Words Mean Things! [03/05/01]
CLOVIS -- A few day ago State lawmakers in Idaho rejected a proposal to change place names that include the word "squaw," which some Native Americans believe to be an insult.

Who is Greatest U.S. President? [02/20/01]
CLOVIS -- A new Gallup poll shows that Americans regard Ronald Reagan as the greatest presidents ever...

Yosemite's Hetch Hetchy Debacle! [02/01/01]
CLOVIS -- It all began in 1898. It killed John Muir. Here is the chronology that PG&E doesn't want you to know!

Winter Wilderness! [02/06/1912]
YOSEMITE -- When the first heavy storms stopped work on the high mountains, I made haste down to my Yosemite den, not to "hole up" and sleep ... -- John Muir, 1912

It's A Lonesome Trail!  [02/18/01]
CLOVIS -- Last year we lost three of our cowboy heroes. I shed a tear or two when I heard Gene Autry's voice at Christmas time. That voice will probably last throughout the current Millennium, singing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"...

Soda Machine! [02/14/01]
CLOVIS -- A parable for modern times. I bought a can of soda at a vending machine yesterday. The sign on the machine said "50 cents." I inserted a dollar bill in the machine and then ...

Yosemite's Hetch Hetchy Debacle! [02/01/01]
CLOVIS -- It all began in 1898. It killed John Muir. Here is the chronology that PG&E doesn't want you to know!

Staggering Population Growth! [01/15/01]
CLOVIS -- Open space, farmland and wildlife habitat in the Central Valley and drinking water supplies threatened...

Clovis Tiny Burrowing Owls! [01/09/01]
CLOVIS -- Burrowing Owl species is at risk of extermination in California (Western Burrowing Owl). These tiny owls have recently been seen in the Clovis urban fringe.

Last Clovis Remnant Bites The Dust! - 10/27/00
Tollhouse Road, the famous Clovis byway from the 1800's has just been reduced by another 400 feet. Most passersby will only notice the freshly plowed field now left in its place.

Redwood Grove Sold for $10.9 Million! - 9/26/00
Today, the Sempervirens Fund signed a $10,900,000 contract to purchase the 1,340-acre San Lorenzo River Redwoods.The Fund will spend $200,000 to open escrow next Monday and will incur the biggest debt in its long history.

Rare Birds Reported in Area. Fall migration has started! - 9/2/00
The local Audubon Society reports that bird watchers, on Sunday, viewed an adult male Northern Cardinal in the back yard of a private residence along the Kings River about six miles east of Clovis near the community of Centerville.

Economics & National Forests Health - 8/29/00
The economic value of the nation's national forests 192 million acres and generates nearly 500,000 jobs in timber, mining, grazing and other uses according to the research of timber industry official Chris West of the Northwest Forestry Association in Portland, Ore.

Economic Standing Of Sequoia Trees - The fight to save the Sequoia redwood forests from total destruction. - 8/24/00
Young Sequoias growing on logged-over land in Central California and the North Coast, probably do not have the environmental niche they will need to grow to the economic potential that lumber men assume. The primordial Sequoia was under attack in 19th Century logging ventures that created such California towns as Sanger, Fresno, and Redwood City.

Clinton's Sequoia Monument Legacy - Bad science and party politics now threaten Sierra Nevada forests! - 8/23/00
The Giant Sequoia National Monument designation put forward by the Clinton Administration in July was without any input from people and their elected representatives whom this designation will affect most.

Clinton/Gore Place Nation At Risk. Its time to wake up and smell the smoke! - 8/23/00
This year has been a devastating one for wildfires in the United States. This comes as no surprise, given that the Forest Service's own studies and data identify over 40 million acres of national forests are at high risk of catastrophic fire and 26 million acres more at high risk of insect infestation and disease.

New Clinton Charges - Grand jury has been convened to hear evidence against William Clinton over obstruction of justice counts - 8/20/00
Clinton recently said he was still rebuilding his life A new grand jury is reported to have been convened to hear the evidence against Mr. Clinton over his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

First Newspapers - Brief history of Fresno County pre-1891 journalism. - Valley Press Media Archives. Archived on 8/15/92; Republished - 8/15/00
The first newspaper printed in Fresno county was issued by Samuel J. Garrison, and was known as the Fresno Times. It was issued at Millerton and appeared for the first time on January 28, 1865.

AUBERRY WILDFIRE! Sierra residents evacuated as fire runs wild. - 8/14/00
Early Sunday afternoon around 2:15 p.m., Clovis Free Press staff working in the office at 754 3rd. Street in Old Town Clovis, noticed a huge cream-colored mushroom cloud rising over the Sierra.

Tarpey Station Reopens - Tarnished Memories Remain - 7/28/00
It was in the Summer of 1891 and horse drawn scrapers smoothed the way as men unloaded strong Cedar railroad timber and carefully laid them on the ground near the corner of what is now Clovis & 4th Streets.

Judge Grants Napster Injunction - 7/27/00
A federal judge Wednesday gave the wildly popular song-swapping Web site Napster until Friday midnight PDT to shut down the trading of copyright material by its 20 million users.

Sierra National Monument Is A Done Deal. Now What? - 7/26/00
Take a president with battered approval rating, drop him into a spectacular grove of sequoias, throw in a forest-protection proclamation and what do you get? "Election-year politics at its worst," according to one critic.

113 dead in Concorde Crash - 7/26/00
The Concorde that crashed and killed 113 people during takeoff had been delayed for last-minute maintenance on one of its engines, Air France said Wednesday as its fleet of supersonic jets was indefinitely grounded.

Hetch Hetchy Getaway - A Beautiful Corner of Yosemite - 7/20/00
I was 35,000 feet in the air, flying back from a business trip in Denver, when the 767 crossed the eastern escarpment of the Sierra Nevada.

Clovis Wetlands Conservancy - 7/8/00
For centuries, Clovis ranching along the the San Joaquin River and Big Dry Creek area has co-existed with wetland wildlife of abundant number and variety. The wild things which live on this once damp prairie biome have flourished because of a strict ranching ethic and an unlimited water supply which supported their every need.

California Getaways - 7/1/00
Great trails to follow for travel getaways and vacations around the state of California, compiled by the Clovis Free Press.

Missing Song Birds. - Clovis Free Press feature - 6/15/00
Welcome Guests Soon Fly Far Away. The familiar songbirds that build their nests in our yards and trees and meadows are the most watched, and probably the most beloved of all wild creatures.

Clovis Greenbelt - This All American City Has a New Urban Forest! - 5/6/00 On Saturday morning at 5 AM sharp Tree Fresno volunteers accomplish ed one of the greatest public services in the history of the nation. It planted a forest.

First Impressions. John C. Fremont's visit to Clovis region remembered. - 3/23/00
Engineer, explorer John C. Fremont passed this way 156 years ago, today. The trail he was following brought him within sight of what was then the rich wetlands which would one day dry-up.

Clovis Points. Arrow and spear points are among oldest tools discovered in North America. - 3/17/00
These Clovis arrow and spear points are among the oldest tools discovered in North America, and have often been found with the remains of ice age animals.

Clovis Future Shock Founder's Dream Wearing Thin! - 3/12/00
Today Clovis is a great American city with a precious civic resource that is both the pride of the city and a public concern.

New Ethics: Trails to Nowhere? Questionable behavior is Silicon Valley's next big thing. - 3/1/00 Back when greed was good, in the 1980s, a lot of rapacious capitalists got together and decided it was okay to do some bad things, like selling junk bonds to each other and doing insider trading...

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