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A Civil Tounge VP Hopefuls Hedge on Issues - 10/06/00
Former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney(R) and Senator Joe Lieberman(D) met in a friendly debate Thursday night, speculating about taxes and Social Security as the election looms just five weeks before the Nov. 7th.

Bush Impressive in Debate As Gore Self-Destructs - 10/04/00
Vice President Albert Gore's veracity was challenged after he made a false claim during the Presidential Debate. Gore admitted it, off camera, and after the debate was over.

City Council Forces Coney Island Closure! It will be missed by all. - 9/29/00
Elia Toscano winces as she closes down the Coney Island Hot Dogs shop for the very last time on Friday. The famous landmark has been a profit center for all of the 77 years of its operation.

Clovis Council In Expansive Mood, Votes More Housing, Offices, Parking Lots! - 9/8/00
By unanimous vote, the Clovis City councilmembers approved another subdivision on Willow Avenue where the Old Town Trail crosses Teague Avenue.

City Council Retreats - Heated Debate With County On Loss of Taxes - 7/11/00
The Clovis City Council unanimously reversed its previous stance on cleaning up the urban blight zone in Southwest Clovis. The proposed work would have been done in an area bounded by Shaw, Clovis Avenue, and Winery Avenue and sections of Ashlan and Gettysburg avenues.

City of Clovis Violated Property Rights - Property Owner Awarded $1,019,261 in Damages - 7/8/00
Roger and Virginia Galland owned a mobilehome park in Clovis that is subject to rent control. The Clovis Rent Review Commission and Clovis City Council (collectively Clovis) denied or permitted only a portion of the proposed rent increases in 1988, 1989 and 1990.

Internet Sales Tax? California Senate Reviews Bill Passed by the Assembly - 5/31/00
The Assembly wants to get more Internet retailers that also have affiliated stores in the state to collect the state sales tax.

City Hall Requests $117.8 Million - 5/16/00
City Hall's proposed budget is 102% of the funds needed last time. The $117.8 million budget for the City of Clovis looks like its a go. Mayor Harry Armstrong and his supporters are for spending it all!

True Cost of Instant Greenbelt May Soon Exceed $1,000,000 Annually!
- 5/14/00
Monday night during the City Council's public meeting, Mayor Armstrong publicly thanked fellow Council Members and community volunteers for their tree planting activity last Saturday along the Old Town Trail. That was the locale for the new urban forest on the Clovis horizon.

Clovis Tax Upgrade - Spending at City Hall Skyrocketing! - 5/14/00
In an early Tuesday morning gathering at the Veterans Hall, a group of supporters for expansion of the Cottonwood Park amenities were surprised to hear from Clovis Mayor, Harry Armstrong's own lips about the extent of City Hall's spending projects for still more changes all over town since January.

The New Clovis Greenbelt - This All American City Has a New Urban Forest! - 5/6/00 [Published in Trails Section]
On Saturday morning at 5 AM sharp Tree Fresno volunteers accomplished one of the greatest public services in the history of the nation. It planted a forest.

Reward Offered - Wells Fargo Bank Hold Up! - 3/1/00
The Wells Fargo Bank is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and capture of those persons responsible for the armed robbery of the Clovis Branch at Shaw & Minnewawa ave. on January 15, 2000.

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