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Thanks! Editor: Re:Clovis Botanical Garden. (08/06/01) - It's hard to believe that I introduced the botanical garden idea to the Clovis City Council eight years ago.
     It took the help of a dedicated board of directors, a lot of supportive members and no little negotiating to finally get a limb in the door, if you'll pardon the horticultural pun.
     To be sure, our 1-acre Preview Garden is a modest beginning, but it is an important one that makes me feel like I've just become a new father. Among other characterizations like persistent, persuasive, and even downright annoying, I have developed a reputation for "getting stuff free," as one of my board colleagues explains it.
     In my personal life I've never asked for or expected to get anything for nothing, but I make an exception when it comes to the Clovis Botanical Garden project because it is something that has virtually no downside where the local community is concerned.
     It's going to take lots of donors and volunteers to make the Botanical Garden happen, and I intend to get everything needed "at a cost as close to zero as possible." That's right there in my business plan.
     Like the guy who wonders why the world doesn't know he's in love, I keep wondering why so many potential donors haven't heard of our project. I'll say, "You have heard of us, haven't you?" and get, "Uh...no."
     Or I may get, "How come I haven't heard about your garden?" What can I say? So, why haven't the ubiquitous "they" heard of us? They keep saying we need more and better parks. They say we need things in which to get our young people involved.
     Our project will eventually offer hands-on opportunities for young people to learn about horticulture and the environment. Our project will help develop a city park that might otherwise take years to improve, though the rest of the site will still have to wait for funding.
     You would think our plans would find immediate response, but I guess we just have to keep up the effort until the message is heard. There used to be a saying that the three chief ways to communicate were telephone, telegraph and (unkindly) tell a woman.
     All that seemed to be overlooking the U.S. mail and the newspapers, but now we've got radio, television, e-mail and fax and it's still tough to get out the message. Perhaps we're getting so many messages we can't separate the trees from the forest. So listen up.
     There's a preview garden in our near future and a bigger garden, if you can give your support generously. You're going to lo  ve our garden park so much you'll be boasting about it to other communities.
    If I do call you, I hope you will say, "Yes, I've heard of the Botanical Garden. I read it in the paper." If instead you think, "Oh, oh. He's looking to get something for free," well, I'll just have to convince you that it's definitely worth it.
- Gordon Russell, Clovis Botanical Garden Committee

Thanks! Editor: Re: Clovis reminds me! (04/17/01) - I just purchased a home here in Clovis, I moved from San Jose. I do so enjoy it here, it reminds me of San Jose, CA about 25 years ago. My question is this, the fence around my pool is about neck height, when I stand I have a perfect view of my neighbor and visa versa, is there a law on the height a fence can be around ones back yard? I am interested in what i can do to gain some privacy with out causing much of a problem. If you are able to answer my question I do so appreciate it, and if not myabe you can point me in the direction in which I may find the answer. Thank you sincerely.
-Kenneth B. Klein

Thanks! Editor: Re: PG&E Hidden Agenda. (04/09/01) - What people should really be looking at right now is the class action lawsuit against the oil companies and the price fixing--before it gets litigated improperly again.
     How can this litigation not be known about by so many people when it is a class action suit? Look to the Los Angelos courts as we speak. And unfortunately the newspapers have all not followed the intent of the law regarding Public Notices or everone WOULD know about it.
     It's as simple as: When you've taken the wrong path, you must BACK UP and get headed in the right direction! in case anyone is listening...
     Our gas and electric should be owned by us and not publicly held. Our private enterprise system has checks and balances if the laws are being adhered to.
     The antitrust laws have not been adhered to and the oil companies and related monopolies all got off free by paying their way off under the false heading of "No Wrongdoing." 
     Can't the news media wake people up to the truth? Isn't that your job? I am insulted and sooo disappointed in our President. I teach my children to apologize when they accidently hurt one another...and to tell each other that they love each other when the hurt happens.
     Our President should formally apologize to the Chinese, out of love for our fellow man. This nonsense about an apology meaning that we have done something wrong is pure garbage.
     I guess there aren't any decent people on this planet any longer. It makes me sick to know that our people are stuck over there due to his arrogance. I thought Bush was a better man than that.
- Love, Jeri, Clovis

Thanks! Editor: Re: Clovis FAQ. (04/03/01) - I live in Clovis and I know that the crime index for Clovis is 44, NOT 203, that is a crime state specifically for Fresno, that false crime state prob. wont attract people to this wonderful city.

Thanks! Editor: Re: Killing The Messenger (03/27/01) - I read in the Clovis News that The Minnesota Daily was one of the college newspapers that refused to run David Horowitz's advertisement against reparations to African Americans for slavery.
     I am disappointed that the Daily would refuse to run the ad. Many of the points Horowitz makes are shared by a majority of Americans, and students on campus should have the opportunity to be exposed to them.
     Perhaps worst of all, by not running the advertisement, the Daily denied students who might disagree with Horowitz the chance to debate his position and explain why they disagree with him.
     Unfortunately, the decision not to run the advertisement is indicative of a tendency on college campuses today not to allow a reasonable diversity of opinion when an opinion is judged to offend a few oversensitive students.
- Rudy Weitz

Thanks! Editor: Re: Autry (03/26/01) - Politicians who wonder why voters are increasingly cynical and apathetic are taking notice of the recent mayoral debate held at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage. Out there about 400 voters awaited the evening's start. Of six announced candidates, only two showed. Perhaps in the future the candidates can issue their personal guidebook to dodging debates to help the public determine which event has the highest probability for attendance. In-person debates are a key tool in helping voters filter through the polished rhetoric. To play fast and loose with a promised appearance is an insult to all who strive to make informed choices.
- Ann Reinhart

Thanks!  Re: Equal Justice (03/23/01) - I am writing on behalf of families who have a loved one in deportation proceedings. Due to the harsh and cruel 1996 changes in immigration law, many families now find themselves at risk of having a loved one forever removed from the United States.
     This is causing insurmountable pain and suffering to the person being deported as well as the American spouses, American children, friends, neighbors and employers who have close ties with the person put into proceedings.
     Many of these cases were plea bargained and there was never a risk of deportation at the time of that plea bargain. These laws however broadened the scope of what is an aggravted felony, and many people found out long after the fact that they were now removable.
     We are working with other immigration non-profit organizations to help get public exposure to these horrific laws and to get congress to change some of their harsher aspects.
     These laws were put into effect shortly after the Oklahoma bombing, when there was a fear that it was done by terrorists. Thus, (IIRAIRA) Illegal Immigant Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act and (AEDPA) Anti-Terrorist and Effective Death Penalty have ensnared many families who pose no threat and in fact are law abiding citizens in their communities.
     These folks may have made one minor mistake,however and they have already repaid their debt to society (some many years ago). Under these laws, there is no relief available to these folks.
     To now add the harshest of features- deportation , to these hard working legal residents is unthinkable. But it is happening everyday. Many thousands of legal residents with a past offense were removed over the last few years since the enactment of the laws.
     Last Year, 180,000 legal residents were deported and their families were destroyed. On April 21 -24, many immigration organizations will be participating in a "Fix 96" campaign in Washington DC.
     We will attempt to tell our stories and ask congress to change these laws. On April 24th., the Supreme Court will hear arguements for two c
     If this is reversed then some folks will have a chance to remain with their families...if they can afford the huge expense ( up to $10,000 a case) of applying for 212C relief.
     We urge you to please make this public, please let the people know that this is happening and it is hurting many people that they never intended to hurt. We do not advocate for any violent crimes, but there are now so many other offenses that are now deemed aggravated felonies.
     We are desperate for some coverage again on this subject, now that the new session of congress is well under way. It is through the power of the media that we have gotten congress to at least take notice.
     Last year, we had a bill that would have offered limited relief to at least a few cases. However, the last day of the session that too was veteoed by Senator Phil Gramm of Texas.
     We all appreciate any help and coverage you can give this issue. God Bless You.
Catherine A. Caza
1554 Sentinel St Holiday, FL 34690 (727) 942-4292
[Please check out our website; www.CIEJ.org]

Thanks! Editor: Re: Soda Machine Column(03/15/01) - Just wanted to take a moment to say how much I enjoyed the article, The Soda Machine! What a delightful way to tell the truth in terms anyone, even Democrats can comprehend. This should be on the front section of major newspapers all over the nation! Thanks so much, a really great contribution on the part of the reporter! Connie Henson, Clovis

Thanks!  Re: Secret Info Tech Diary Column (03/08/01) - Thank you for all of the talented and articulate writers that you have published in the Clovis Free Press. I was particularly impressed with Carol Segal's"Secret InfoTech Diary" in the March 2nd issue. Her candid disclosure was a shocking revalation of what precious little "high-tech" there really is in the real world of our public schools & colleges, these days.
- Judy, Clovis.

Thanks! Editor: Justice? At 3:45 p.m. today (2/27), my 17 year old daughter was viciously attacked by two other 17 year old girls in front of a shopping center here in Woodland, CA.
     She was knocked to the ground, held down by one of the assailants, and beaten by the other. There were many standing by but no one came to the aid of my daughter. They stole her wallet, destroyed her cellular phone, and pulled her blouse off.
     Someone did call the police and they responded hastily. They took the report, got several witness statements, took many photographs of my daughters face (which was badly swollen).
     We had to transport her to the emergency room where they x-rayed her head for possible skull fractures and a broken nose. Fortunately, neither was the result.
     A police officer responded to the hospital to ask further questions and go over my daughters statements. He informed my wife and I that criminal assault charges, and possible robbery charges were going to be applied to the situation and that he was leaving us to go and place the assailants under arrest and transport them to the juvinille hall for booking.
     After three hours at the hospital we were released to take our daughter home. Once there I called the local police department to try to ascertain whether or not my daughters attackers were in custody.
     I was informed that the officer in charge of the case would return my call, which he did shortly thereafter. Much to my utter disbelief, the two young girls were only cited for fighting in public. Needless to say I was totally outraged.
     I was further informed that my daughter was also to receive a citation for the same offense in that she had also thrown and landed one punch to one of the girls head. Upon discussing this matter with my daughter
     I discovered that she knew the girls quite well from school and that one of the girls father was a very prominent law enforcement person in our city.
     Upon enquiring into this I discovered that this person is a staff member of some stature in our juvenille detention facility. Not only this, but at one time held a very high elected office in our city.
     This obviously had some effect on the officer in charge of my daughters case, changing his mind somewhere from the hospital and the police station.
     By only citing these girls for fighting in public and giving my daughter the same citation, I am left with absolutely no legal recourse against the parents of these girls.
     I have been asking myself all evening as I look at my daughters face and wake her once an hour just in case she does have a concussion, is this justice?
     Is this what our legal protection in this city, state, country has come to? It leaves me cold inside to realize that my daughter has had to have this experience at this early stage in her life with our legal system.
     A system that will be, forever in her mind, a system that protects the "who's who" at the expense of the victim.
- Risky Rickey, Woodland,CA

Thanks! Editor: Re Test Prep for Tots Column(02/19/01) - Politicians? Just whom do they represent? Now they've decided that only the so-called better schools will be rewarded with another helping of our tax dollars. This means that the students in these schools will be favored over the students in the non-better schools!
     This is pure discrimination, something that the so-called better schools are free to ignore when money rears its omnipotent head. Shouldn't "our" schools be trying to improve schooling for all our children?
     All to many parents can't afford to move into a neighborhood that has the so-called better schools. Sadly, our politicians, and Governor Gray have taken another step in assuring that the students who need better schooling the most will be denied.
     Given that our so-called better schools will continue to accept this undeserved money, why don't we turn to the politicians who created this injustice? Are our tax dollars so tainted that the children in the non-better schools shouldn't be taught by the better teachers?
     Assuming that the so-called better schools do indeed have better teachers, then the logical thing to do is to distribute these better teachers among all the schools in the district. Do schools teach, or do teachers teach?
-Jack Albertson, San Clemente

Thanks! Editor: Re Tarpey Depot. I did a project/presentation on the Tarpey Depot for a historical preservation class at Fresno State. I enjoyed your story (07/28/00)so much....Thank you.
-Mary Anderson

Thanks! Editor: Re City Sonnet. Lying in the backyard hammock On summer nights still and quiet, Cool and dark, stretching out under The pear tree like the bones of St. Peter resting under the altar Of a big Roman basilica. Neither holyman or saint, Just a secular hermit hiding from The world, from love and life, From time and change, hiding from Death that knows no right time, Wrong time, beg your pardon, 'scuse The interruption, but always barges in Like someone selling Britannica door to door.
- Doug Tanoury

Thanks! Editor: It's a wonderful life -- sometimes Let's face it - I am a sap. I watch "It's a Wonderful Life" every year, and every time I tear up at the end. You know, when George Bailey's war hero brother Harry says, "Here's to George Bailey, the richest man in town!" I can't help it; I come from a long line of saps. My father is a sap and his father was a sap. It's a genetic thing. We are a sap family. I like the fact that George Bailey is too busy to see what a great life he has. These days we are all busy; we work harder than ever, moms and dads trying to afford that huge mortgage payment. After work we shuttle our kids to this game or that dance class. We're worried about our stocks crashing and the next project deadline. That was George Bailey's problem too. Just too busy to see what he really had -- a loving wife, wonderfully talented children, people who love him, friends. We all have some of George Bailey in us. I know I do. Name Witheld
Respond !

Thanks! Editor: "Teaching is my second career. Special Ed. is my area, and reading is my passion. Because we are site based, I have the opportunity to work with several general population students who fall into the category of nonreaders. About one third of our total student population score low average or below average according to STAR test results. Yet there are only sixteen students in my reading classes. Until everyone gets involved in the process of reading thinks won't change. What is needed is for the school day to be extended and every student have the opportunity to read for 30 minutes every single day. Not have someone read to them but rather have the student read to someone else. Get back to a good phonics based program and work at it. For math, high schools should not give math credit for any class that does not meet the graduation requirements. Let the high schools do the remedial work until there is no need for it. Offer more time during the school day to work on improving basic skills.
- W.B. Fanning

Thanks! Editor: " I could not believe my eyes when I accidentally came across your site! Glad you're out there. Our city is so liberal you would not believe it. I attend University of North Carolina at Asheville. I have worked in the journalism profession, and have had and still have journalists for mentors. I was going to study political science, but am now studying Literature and Education to fulfill my calling to teach high school and help the younger generation. I may teach community college someday also. I have bookmarked your website and will be reading it regularly, even if the news on it is not for my region of the country. Keep up the good work! "
- Lin Redmond, Ashville, N.C.

Thanks! Editor: Re Pets. I recently put an ad into the Free Classifieds under pets. The results were unbelievable. Our litter of puppies were all sold within a week and a half of advertising. We had calls from all over the US! I also used the classifieds for other personal reasons. Again, I found exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much. This website is easy to use and very helpful. - Greg Daniel May

Thanks! Editor: Re Free Press. I just wanted to compliment you on your terrific Clovis Free Press news page. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and prompt new coverage.
- S.C.

Thanks! I love these PDF files covering City Council meetings. Thanks for posting them each week. I will be doing business with your Advertising Department in the future because I think the implementation of this Clovis Free Press newspaper is a great service to Clovis.
WAY TO GO! Again, Thank you.
- W.L.

Thanks! I just wanted to thank you for the prompt service and delivery. I appreciate the excellent customer service and timely manner of delivery. The person I sent the flowers to was very pleased with it. So, I just wanted to let you know I'm a happy camper! Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Thanks!  Thank you for the most excellent news service! J.F.

Thanks!  Thanks again...your online news and free classified ads service is great...you make it very easy!
- P.K.

Thanks!   This was my first time reading the newspaper this way. It was PERFECT!!! Excellent service, delivered right to my computer screem 24-7 as promised. Very impressive. You and your media network keep up the good work. Service is everything. Thank you. B.D.

Thanks!  This evening I received a very touching phone call of appreciation from a dear friend who I referred to the ClovisNews.com last evening. Not only did she find the Cloooooovis Free Press to be very beautiful she said it was full of good news. This was the first time I told anyone about an internet newspaper from ClovisNews.com and judging from the results I intend on telling others about you again. Thank you for making an ill elderly lady feel better.
Sincerely, J.V.

Thanks!  Editor: Re Free Press Newspaper. Glad to enter your Clovis Free Press website for a visit. After carefully studying the relevant information of your company, we think it very necessary to recommend to you the service series of ours (We are the leading website localization service provider in South China), which aims at facilitating more Chinese (worldwide, mainly in the China's mainland, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore etc.) learn about your company, products and services so as to setup a new start for you to enter the Asian-pacific markets of the 21st century.
     By all estimates, China has become the world's most lucrative, largest economic frontier waiting to be explored in the next decades to come. An increasingly full-fledged reform to bring the country into the international economic track, which culminated in its recent agreement with U.S. on market access in many areas covering both goods and services to the world, has turned it into a gigantic market no businessman can afford to overlook.
     China, which had a handful of users in mid-1995 only, officially had more than 4 million people on-line by July-1999. This figure by CNNIC, however, was greatly underestimated. A more credible number by mid-1999 was over 5 million and set to rise over 10 million by mid-2000 as the fastest growing region in Asia-Pacific. This figure does not include those in Hongkong and Taiwan, where net population is estimated to reach 8 million by 2003 . The internet is reshaping the lives of millions of Chinese.
     Accompanying by the geometric growth in internet population is an increasingly intense demand for localized web content. A recent report by IDC indicates this "clear, consistent preference of viewing website in their own languages" in Asia-Pacific.
     To reach out to this market, to get an internet edge over your competitors, or simply to introduced yourself to the greatest number of people, there's nothing better than localization, i.e., creating your own Chinese website. Localization -- a small step towards a new horizon.
-Dan C.
Marketing Dept. Hurrah China Cyber Studio

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