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Vol. 17  No. 21 Final Edition
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Ethics of Public Diaries! - 01/02/01
Ethics of Public Diaries. Amoral Constraints of A College President. In a project under the auspices of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching,Fresno State President Johm Welty & several of his colleagues are anlyzing the American undergraduate scene in terms of campus efforts to promote both the moral and civic responsibility. At risk is America's democratic principles, tolerance, respect for others, and procedural impartiality.

The Real Clovis Schools Story - 10/17/00
Here are the Clovis Schools STAR 2000 Reading & Math Scores by Subgroup. The percentages listed are the percentage of students in the CUSD scoring above the 50th percentile   on the Stanford Achievement Test-9th Edition (Stanford 9).
     Reading:All students 65% -- English Language Learners 19% ---Non English Learners 70% -- Females 68% --Males 62%-- Economically Disadvantanged 41% --Non Economically Disadvantaged 73% -- Special Education Services 21% -- Non Special Education Services 68% .
    Math: All students 75% -- English Language Learners 50% -- Non English Learners 77% -- Females 75% -- Males 74% -- Economically Disadvantanged 59% -- Non Economically Disadvantaged 79% -- Special Education Services 29% -- Non Special Education Services 77% .

Bee To Retract School Crime Story? "Statistical reporting not true, irresponsible..." - 9/25/00
Due to the documentation of widespread inaccuracies in The Sacramento Bee's   reporting of campus crime, particularly sexual assaults, the University of California, Davis, has taken the unprecedented step of formally asking editors of The Bee to retract their story regarding UC Davis.

Mold Contaminates School - Buchanan High ordered shuttered for 36 Hours! - 9/14/00
Mold was found in two Clovis Unified School District offices late last week. The discovery of a potentially hazardous organism was seen growing in the new Buchanan High School administration offices.

High-Stakes Testing Flunks - Test-driven education brings out the worst in public schools. - 9/3/00
The latest "school reform" scheme backed by politicians and business leaders who have never spent a day in a classroom teaching children is high-stakes testing -- requiring students to pass a standardized exam before they can be promoted or graduate.

Fresno State Crime - Latest Published Reports - 7/17/00
Since 1992, Fresno State has been required by federal law to compile annual statistics about crime on the campus and to provide them to their students and staff members.

Teaching of Reading - Mixed Results on K-3 Test Scores - 5/21/00
The California State School Board adopted a new textbook this year to help teachers teach reading. The State may have made a big mistake. Open Court is a textbook series that uses a radical approach to teaching that has most members of the teaching profession concerned.

Buchanan Swat! - Phony SWAT team detains parents! - 5/16/00
Buchanan High parents Mr. and Mrs. Brian Twedt were on campus early Monday morning when they got the shock of their lives. Out of the shadows emerged three figures dressed from head to foot in black clothing, wearing masks, and blocking the entrance.

Digital Divide & Multiply Not! A new critique of Central California schools has just been published by Gary Bloom. - 5/1/00
He is the new tech-oriented superintendent at San Juan Batista. What he found when he visited the math lab left him uneasy.

Mass Produced Mansions vs. Schools! Aiming to take high-end subdivision to another level. - 3/1/00
Over the past decade major new home builders have sold only a handful of homes selling for over $850,000 in the Clovis area. But, the costliest and most exclusive new homes are planned for an area adjacent to the San Joaquin River hiking trail, the Copper River development east of Clovis.

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